Join in a Collaborative Poem on Absence

An invite to all poets, writers, ranters and philosophers:

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

I have joined in with several great poems challenges on other bloggers’ sites, so I thought I’d reach out and invite poets, philosophers, and wordsmiths to join in with one myself.

The idea is for everyone who wants to, to contribute a 3 to 6 line verse and create something amazing together. We’ll create a collective/collaborative poem from our individual voices. So, here are the guidelines:

  • one verse per person only please, of between 3 and 8 lines each
  • the first line must include the phrase ‘the weight of absence’
  • the last word must be ‘absence’
  • the rhyme scheme can be either ababa… aababa or abcabca or a variation
  • use as many or few syllables as you like per line (within reason, obviously)
  • be true to your own voice while listening to other voices
  • post your verse in the comment section, I’ll add it to the main text later…

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