Citizen of Nowhere

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

I’m called ‘citizen of nowhere’

by Theresa May, who asserts

this as the British Prime Minister,

though this is the land of my birth,

I’m called ‘citizen Jew’;

the day after that vote

each racist chorus grew;

belonging then remote,

I’m called, city

answers for me

in a beat, see –

it knows my feet,

I’m called

‘not from round here’

as if I’ve walked through walls,

I’m called ‘citizen of nowhere’.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

N.B: This poem refers to the intensely alienating comments Theresa May made in a post Brexit 2016 speech. I also connect to other experiences, especially since Brexit that have made me feel unwelcome and unwanted in the country of my birth. Partly because of my surname and some of my mixed family heritage I have been viewed as ‘other’ by many since childhood. If I had my other parent’s surname, I would have been treated…

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